Pivot North Architecture

Twin Falls Honor Wall

Located in the heart of Twin Falls at the downtown commons, the Honor Wall proudly displays the names of more than 200 heroes from Twin Falls County. The wall’s design intends to resemble music notes from a distance to draw people in for a closer look. Upon closer examination, the wall features strips of metal that display the names of fallen military personnel and first responders aligned to horizontal datum lines defined by the large side plates. These datum lines identify the specific battles that each individual served in. As the day passes, the sun’s light passes through the nameplates, casting a symbolic shadow of the individual’s names on the masonry and shining light on the back piece of the plate that displays the date of the individual’s passing and the branch of the military that they served in.

Positioned on opposite sides of the wall are two large plaques that bring awareness to the mental health challenges faced by active-duty personnel, first responders, and veterans.

We are honored to have been a part of the design and installation of the new Honor Wall.



Project Status | Completed 2023

Photography | Tobin Rogers 

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