Pivot North Architecture

Downtown Meridian Multifamily

This design concept envisions a mixed-use multifamily development located in the heart of downtown Meridian. The project comprises 26 one-bedroom units, each thoughtfully designed to maximize space and comfort. The ground floor is dedicated to mixed-use retail spaces, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere and providing convenient amenities for residents and visitors alike.

Each residential unit includes a private balcony, offering outdoor space and views of downtown. Residents will also benefit from the convenience of on-site parking, ensuring easy access to their homes. Additionally, a rooftop terrace provides a communal space for relaxation and socializing, with panoramic views of the downtown area.

The building’s exterior is clad in brick, blending contemporary design with a polished aesthetic that complements the historic character of downtown Meridian. This careful balance of modern and traditional elements ensures the project seamlessly integrates into the existing urban fabric while enhancing the overall architectural landscape of the area.

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