Pivot North Architecture

Ash + River Townhomes

LEED Gold Ash + River Townhomes offer affordably priced workforce housing in downtown Boise, providing sustainable, safe, and energy-efficient homes for those making less than 120 percent of the average median income. Located along the Pioneer Pathway, this project provides 30 quality workforce housing units and connects the residents to the beautiful Boise River and downtown.

The design pays homage to the historic Hayman House located next door as well as the history of the neighborhood. The mix of uses included townhomes, flats, retail, open space, and pedestrian-supported amenities. It was completed in the summer of 2019 in partnership with GGLO.

This project won the 2021 National ULI Jack Kemp Award for Excellence in Affordable & Workforce Housing.

*In partnership with GGLO.



Project Status | Completed 2020

Certifications | LEED Gold

Photography |  Tobin Rogers

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