Pivot North Architecture

Jessica Nelson

Project Manager
Licensed In Texas

Born and raised in Texas, Jessica attended Texas A&M University where she received a Bachelors of Science and then finished her education with a Masters in Architecture from UT Arlington. She has been a registered architect since 2019. Her passion lies at the convergence of architecture and interior design and any time she can dabble in both, you’ll find her in her happy place. While not every project has the largest budget or even the most exciting program, for Jessica, there is always an opportunity to create special moments in the architecture and design. She enjoys thoughtfully curating details to create a significant impact and still work within a project’s constraints. Understanding each project holds a personal value to the owner motivates her to build strong relationships and strong details that can carry even the most limited of projects.

Outside of design, Jessica enjoys being in the sunshine, whether it’s while hiking, mountain biking or just playing in the yard with her daughter and husband. She comes from a big family, all rooted in Texas, and enjoys family get-togethers where good food and loads of laughter abound. She also enjoys baking for others and if you stick around long enough, you’re bound to get a sweet treat from her kitchen.

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